Wednesday, July 23, 2014

For everyone who has been waiting for ULTIMATE SIN'S...
St. Martins has made the prologue and first chapter of this final book to the series available at amazon. MADE TO SIN gives you an early look into the characters and the battle they face.
But, never fear, ULTIMATE SINS isn't far behind.

Release date: August 26, 2014
Ex-Marine Crowe Callahan has only one obsession in life:
Amelia Sorenson. She is the only one who has ever gotten under his skin. However, she is also the daughter of his family's sworn enemy: A man who has sought to destroy the Callahan's for generations in order to further his own nefarious agenda.
When Amelia put herself on Crowe's side and in Crowe's bed, she became her father's enemy as well. When Wayne Sorenson escapes capture, both Amelia and Crowe know its only a matter of time before he resurfaces to exact his revenge. Now Crowe will claim Amelia in order to bait a killer and end things once and for all. But can he protect the woman he can't see to live without from one of the deadliest enemies he has ever known? And will he survive if he can't?

Crowe was stubborn.
Amelia was angry.

If there were ever two people who could have closed themselves off to each other, then these characters could have had plenty of excuses.
More than once Amelia turned her back to me and refused to talk.
About every other page Crowe resembled a breed with his snarling and gnashing of teeth.
But as the story came together, I saw all the elements that were missing with the three before it. I should have begun with Crowe's book perhaps.
As the eldest, Crowe remembered moments with his parents that came back to the haunting cruelties thrown at them.
As the daughter of the man determined to destroy the Callahan cousins, Amelia had the most to lose of any of the heroines. Together, the price they could have paid if their enemy had won, would have torn their souls apart.
Amelia was a heroine who understood torment in ways Crowe could have never imagined.
Crowe was a hero who had learned early, learned young, to meet evil head on and fight fire with fire.
He wasn't always nice, but where Amelia was concerned, he always loved.

August 26, 2014 will see the release of this title, and the end of a series that - seriously - caused me to lose hair. Simply because I pulled it out by the roots in complete frustration.
Crowe made up for it though, and more. He and Amelia together made me sob in heartbreak and smile at an ending even I hadn't anticipated.